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Friday, July 8, 2011

BROFILES IN COURAGE: John Haley, Groomsman

In the second installment of the Brofiles in Courage, we take a look at the relationship between Peter and his original bro, John. A true American hero, John stands for all that is right and good in our fair country: babes, beer, and bro time. This training started at a young age for both men, as they had a great example in their father, Mike. Whether they were playing ball in the backyard or riding bikes through the neighborhood, they did it with all the joy and aplomb of two boys without a care in the world. The two even invented a sport for rainy days and pre-Facebook summer afternoons: hall ball, where many a carpet burn was developed.

Of course, no brotherly relationship is complete without its fair share of tussles and tension, and the boys' bond was no different. The current tally for all wrestling matches, slap fights, blood drawn, and other minutiae stands at 178-178, with neither brother willing to cede ground.

Ever the charmer, John's ability to woo the ladies is legendary. Many a filly has fallen under the spell of ol' Blue Eyes, and for good reason. After all, he learned from his brother, who taught John everything he needed to know about the game. Fair warning to all women attending the Haley-Heavener wedding: you will be wooed, and you will like it. Play your cards right, and John might even tell you about the cool times he and Peter shared when they had bunk beds.

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