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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

BROFILES IN COURAGE: Miller Yoho, Best Man

The legend of Miller Yoho is legendary, on a level that only Barney Stinson could understand. From an early age, young Miller charmed the ladies with his good looks, prowess on the baseball diamond, and destructive tendencies in games of British Bulldog during youth group. Considering that Peter shared these gifts, it comes as no surprise that the two young men quickly grew to become friends.
Heckling is a necessary skill for any youth, and it was no different for these two. Whether it was something as simple as making fun of others in the youth group during competitions, or calling out the girls who didn't close their eyes during bible study prayers, Yoho and Haley were the best. Their heckling knew no bounds, with each man finding ways to get under the other's skin. Miller's triumphant moment came during the heated Ashbrook-Forestview soccer game in the fall of 2007 at Ashbrook, which found the entire Forestview section chanting "PE-TER HA-LEY" over and over again while Peter rode the oak for much of the evening. Peter had his vengeance the next spring as the rivals locked horns again, this time on the baseball diamond. Although no one remembers exactly what was said by Peter, the end result was tremendous: Miller started laughing in the middle of an at-bat.
Outside the realm of high school sports, the boys' friendship was forged in youth group, where they would most often sing the girls' parts of worship songs in falsetto, to no one's entertainment but their own. Many mission trips and ultimate frisbee afternoons served as opportunities for the two to grow closer in friendship and hijinks.
A tremendous purveyor of spotty facial hair, Herr Yoho sets the standard for wannabe hipsters with $120K educations. Ask him nicely, and he'll regale you with tales of his time on the plantation. A gentleman of substance and wit, Miller Yoho is the Best Man for your frisbee team, and the Haley-Heavener wedding.

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