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Thursday, July 7, 2011

An Open Letter to the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship

Wes Spears has summed it all up:

We love dissent, but we also love organized, systematic efforts toward creating new things. We want something different, something new. Invitations to golf matches and pictures of white males on the green in Tampa are not exactly projecting that message to us.

I had a similar conversation with friends in late April, where we agreed that the face of CBF could not be a mid-50s white male. More than that, the CBF cannot expect to continue operating as a reactive group, seeing what they can get away with as more CBF churches are voted out of the SBC. If anything, they should try to be more like the Alliance of Baptists, not caring what the SBC thinks anymore and promoting a law of love for all people to live under. Read the rest of Wes' letter here:

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